About Us

Our Story

RAE Solutions LLC, an American made company, is a family owned and operated business who aspires to make life easier for those who want to enjoy life in the wind and sun. Our name has been inspired by the inventors' wives who both share the middle name, Rae. 
You can now enjoy years of trouble free doors off fun in your Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator with the help of RAEZUM Door Lifts and Racks. 

John Schultheis (Inventor):

John is a Jeep Gladiator owner and avid car enthusiast. After 30 years in the automotive business, John recognized that not everyone was able to enjoy the full capabilities of their Jeep Wrangler. He believed that there were 2 types of Wrangler owners... those who have their doors off, and those who WANT to take their doors off! This inspired him to seek solutions for everyone to more easily remove and reinstall their doors. Together with the help of his friend of 25 years, Co-Inventor Scott, RAE Solutions LLC invented RAEZUM Door Lifts and Racks for Wrangler and Gladiator owners. 

Scott Demske (Inventor):

Scott is a Master Mechanic, fabricator, owner of Scottie's Speed Shop Inc. and co-owner of RAE Solutions LLC (RAEZUM). Scott also had the honor to serve in The United States Coast Guard here at home and abroad as both a rescue swimmer and a diesel mechanic. Over the years Scott has built and restored many custom cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Being a longtime friend of John and fellow Jeep owner , Scott is dedicated to providing high quality, American made products at affordable prices.   

Fiorelli Hoffman (Business Marketing & Research):

Fiorelli is the daughter of Co-Inventor, Scott Demske. With an array of experience, from working in family businesses as a young child, coaching gymnastics during high school, and teaching Elementary School for several years following college, she has developed the skills to work with people of all ages. After her son was born in 2020, she was blessed with the opportunity to stay home with him and watch him grow. Fiorelli's attention to detail and strong work ethic keep our business marketing and research running smoothly. She is a Jeep enthusiast, loves the outdoors, and is proud to be a member of the RAEZUM Family. 

Allison Clark (Marketing & Social Media Director):


Allison is the daughter of Co-Inventor, John Schultheis. Her love for Jeeps began at an early age and continues to this day. As an avid Jeep owner herself, she had the desire to take her doors off, but it was always a matter of having enough help to get the job done. Many told her that she couldn't do it by herself without damaging the doors or hurting herself. RAEZUM Door Lifts was the perfect solution for her adventurous "Doors Off" lifestyle. Her passion for Jeep products combined with her social media and marketing skills makes Allison an invaluable member of the RAEZUM Family.